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Several years ago, I was experiencing some odd symptoms that no conventional doctors could explain. I mentioned these to Megan, and she was the first one to tell me that they sounded inflammatory in nature. She was right…later that year I was diagnosed with lupus. While it was a relief to finally put a name to it, my life became a frustrating cycle of pain and fatigue. I resigned myself to never expect to feel normal again.

I completely agree with her treatment philosophy of not using a Band-Aid to mask the symptoms, but to uncover the root cause. I cannot tell you how many times I was told “It’s normal for women your age to experience water retention (edema)”. (Or weight gain. Or hormonal issues.) I never bought into that. While I know right now there is no cure for lupus, it is possible to experience remission. And that was my goal when approaching Megan to take on my case. I had tried so hard to work on it on my own. Through a series of tests, we were able to formulate a plan of supplements and food strategy that would work for me. And work it did. I have lost 17 pounds so far…slowly, which is better. Prior to seeing Megan, I couldn’t stop gaining weight. And, I have been taken off of my immunosupressants!
Megan does not function as a just a chart reader. She helps to guide ways to reduce stress levels, which affects health as much as what goes through our stomach. I highly recommend making an appointment with her. You will be gaining a healer, a coach, and an advocate.

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