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Before I reached out to Megan at Fit Logic Functional Medicine, I had been experiencing great pain. A few years ago, while I was nursing my newborn son, my left arm when limp. That started a long road of chiropractors and general health doctors. Even acupuncture. But my joint pain continued to worsen. Mostly my knees and throughout the years, the pain became unbearable and continuous throughout my body. Every joint was aching. I felt so old and worn out.

I had doctors telling me to look up stretches for the pain but there was no real concern from them. I had two more children and… gained severe sciatica and could barely walk. I was feeling less and less like myself. My marriage was crumbling. The constant pain made me tired and angry. My anxiety grew greater and I began to be a prisoner within my own head. I was becoming more familiar with thoughts of ending my life. I couldn’t escape the mental, emotional & physical pain.

I felt so calm and at ease during my first meeting with Megan. It was the first time I had sat with a medical professional and felt completely heard. She actually listened and heard me. She helped me understand how different nutrients affect how we think and feel, and helped me create healthy habits to calm my mind and feel more in control. The combination of medical & natural technique left me feeling relaxed & comfortable. I was able to confide in her about my thoughts of suicide. She was instantly responsive and caring and handled the situation perfectly. She did extensive blood work. My hormone levels were low in many areas. I was so depleted and I was suffering major bone loss – I wasn’t even 40 years old.

Seeing these results and hearing her concern, I finally felt empowered to heal myself. She helped me make a plan. I replaced things that were missing or deficient, and I reap the benefits! Her patience with me was remarkable. Once I committed 100%, I noticed a change. I could see and think clearer. The loud controlling anxiety in my head is almost gone now. I have lost 60 pounds; my marriage and children are reaping the benefits of a calmer and more level person in their life. I have been able to start feeling and noticing real joy in my life. I am exercising every day without pain! I am a firm believer in this method of care. The details are what made it matter. Some of my levels would have been considered in a “normal” range to most medical professionals, but Megan wanted to really improve my life. She was not satisfied with things looking ‘just fine’. She wanted them to be the best for me. Her caring personality and attentive care is something I have not come across before. I am so grateful for her. True health is worth the cost. I highly recommend Megan and her method of treatment.

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