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Let me start by saying that if you’re just looking to drop pounds fast so you can fit into a bikini, this is not the right place for you. Megan’s coaching is about so much more than weight loss- it truly is about your whole health. If you can commit to yourself, Megan can help you change your body AND your life. In the 4 months that she worked with me, I was able to make several fundamental life changes that have actually stuck with me, a year later. With her nutrition coaching, I discovered a sensitivity to dairy and peanuts. After limiting those items from my diet, my acne is gone, something my dermatologist couldn’t do after 10 years, tons of antibiotics, and a round of accutane! I learned to pay attention to my body, and how it feels after I eat specific foods. Her expertise in fitness got me up and moving and showed me for the first time that I don’t actually need to have a gym membership to keep healthy- just getting creative with the way I move and putting aside a little bit of time every day to get my heart pumping is enough to make change. Possibly one of the most important components of my time with Megan was the emotional support. Our very first meeting was centered around my goals, and the motivation behind them. It was more than “drop 2 dress sizes”; Megan had me set financial goals, emotional goals, and professional goals as well. She really approaches her coaching and teaching holistically. If you work with her, you can change as a whole person- not just a body. I walked away from my 4 months of coaching with a completely different outlook on food, less debt, a plan to kick-start my stand-still career, and a new appreciation for my amazing body- truly a change in my overall self-esteem. Changing your life is never easy, but if you’re willing to commit to yourself the way Megan will commit to you, expect great things.

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