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Before I reached out to Megan at Fit Logic Functional Medicine, I had been experiencing great pain. A few years ago, while I was nursing my newborn son, my left arm when limp. That started a long road of chiropractors and general health doctors. Even acupuncture. But my joint pain continued to worsen. Mostly my knees and throughout the years, the pain became unbearable and continuous throughout my body. Every joint was aching. I felt so old and worn out.

I had doctors telling me to look up stretches for the pain but there was no real concern from them. I had two more children and… gained severe sciatica and could barely walk. I was feeling less and less like myself. My marriage was crumbling. The constant pain made me tired and angry. My anxiety grew greater and I began to be a prisoner within my own head. I was becoming more familiar with thoughts of ending my life. I couldn’t escape the mental, emotional & physical pain.

I felt so calm and at ease during my first meeting with Megan. It was the first time I had sat with a medical professional and felt completely heard. She actually listened and heard me. She helped me understand how different nutrients affect how we think and feel, and helped me create healthy habits to calm my mind and feel more in control. The combination of medical & natural technique left me feeling relaxed & comfortable. I was able to confide in her about my thoughts of suicide. She was instantly responsive and caring and handled the situation perfectly. She did extensive blood work. My hormone levels were low in many areas. I was so depleted and I was suffering major bone loss – I wasn’t even 40 years old.

Seeing these results and hearing her concern, I finally felt empowered to heal myself. She helped me make a plan. I replaced things that were missing or deficient, and I reap the benefits! Her patience with me was remarkable. Once I committed 100%, I noticed a change. I could see and think clearer. The loud controlling anxiety in my head is almost gone now. I have lost 60 pounds; my marriage and children are reaping the benefits of a calmer and more level person in their life. I have been able to start feeling and noticing real joy in my life. I am exercising every day without pain! I am a firm believer in this method of care. The details are what made it matter. Some of my levels would have been considered in a “normal” range to most medical professionals, but Megan wanted to really improve my life. She was not satisfied with things looking ‘just fine’. She wanted them to be the best for me. Her caring personality and attentive care is something I have not come across before. I am so grateful for her. True health is worth the cost. I highly recommend Megan and her method of treatment.


The practitioners and staff at Fit Logic have treated me so well. They provide the empathy and understanding that is so hard to find with any medical professional. I have seen a 95% decrease in my psoriasis and a significant increase in energy and wellness in only a couple of months. I have a positive outlook on my overall health which I did not have for so many years.

Jennifer Carreon

Megan Miller changed my life. When I first went to her I was sluggish, unmotivated, cranky and everything felt like a chore. She really took her time with me and we talked about all the things that were currently going on

Medea Taylot

Megan thank you so much for being a great mentor and a positive person in my life! I’ve enjoyed all of your classes and they will help me to grow!

Amber R.

Megan is much more than a nurse practitioner or life coach. She is a listener who can truly empathize with those she serves. After being ignored and blamed by medical practitioners for years, Megan has been a welcome relief. She is patient, thorough and knowledgeable. The woman is a mountain of resources. I learn something new from her each time we visit. And best of all, my health is improving because of her. Thank you Megan!


Several years ago, I was experiencing some odd symptoms that no conventional doctors could explain. I mentioned these to Megan, and she was the first one to tell me that they sounded inflammatory in nature. She was right…later that year I was diagnosed with lupus. While it was a relief to finally put a name to it, my life became a frustrating cycle of pain and fatigue. I resigned myself to never expect to feel normal again.

I completely agree with her treatment philosophy of not using a Band-Aid to mask the symptoms, but to uncover the root cause. I cannot tell you how many times I was told “It’s normal for women your age to experience water retention (edema)”. (Or weight gain. Or hormonal issues.) I never bought into that. While I know right now there is no cure for lupus, it is possible to experience remission. And that was my goal when approaching Megan to take on my case. I had tried so hard to work on it on my own. Through a series of tests, we were able to formulate a plan of supplements and food strategy that would work for me. And work it did. I have lost 17 pounds so far…slowly, which is better. Prior to seeing Megan, I couldn’t stop gaining weight. And, I have been taken off of my immunosupressants!
Megan does not function as a just a chart reader. She helps to guide ways to reduce stress levels, which affects health as much as what goes through our stomach. I highly recommend making an appointment with her. You will be gaining a healer, a coach, and an advocate.


Let me start by saying that if you’re just looking to drop pounds fast so you can fit into a bikini, this is not the right place for you. Megan’s coaching is about so much more than weight loss- it truly is about your whole health. If you can commit to yourself, Megan can help you change your body AND your life. In the 4 months that she worked with me, I was able to make several fundamental life changes that have actually stuck with me, a year later. With her nutrition coaching, I discovered a sensitivity to dairy and peanuts. After limiting those items from my diet, my acne is gone, something my dermatologist couldn’t do after 10 years, tons of antibiotics, and a round of accutane! I learned to pay attention to my body, and how it feels after I eat specific foods. Her expertise in fitness got me up and moving and showed me for the first time that I don’t actually need to have a gym membership to keep healthy- just getting creative with the way I move and putting aside a little bit of time every day to get my heart pumping is enough to make change. Possibly one of the most important components of my time with Megan was the emotional support. Our very first meeting was centered around my goals, and the motivation behind them. It was more than “drop 2 dress sizes”; Megan had me set financial goals, emotional goals, and professional goals as well. She really approaches her coaching and teaching holistically. If you work with her, you can change as a whole person- not just a body. I walked away from my 4 months of coaching with a completely different outlook on food, less debt, a plan to kick-start my stand-still career, and a new appreciation for my amazing body- truly a change in my overall self-esteem. Changing your life is never easy, but if you’re willing to commit to yourself the way Megan will commit to you, expect great things.