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Body composition is much more important than the number you see on a scale (just throw that thing out!)

At FLFM, we measure your visceral fat (in addition to muscle mass, fat mass, water, and much more). This is the best way to show improvement or give you some insight into certain changes that will make a positive difference.

Visceral fat

This is the fat that surrounds your organs and causes inflammation. You cannot measure this on a scale. The best way to lower your risk of chronic disease and cancer or improve or even reverse disease (like diabetes), is to lower your visceral fat. How do you do this? Diet and lifestyle changes, yes. BUT…

Optimizing hormones is a major key and will help you add life to your years.

What’s included in a session?

  • A full body scan, including muscle mass, fat mass, water weight, a fat to muscle ratio and much more.
  • A detailed review of your report with a primary focus on muscle mass needs
  • Diet and exercise suggestions based on your scan
  • Free InBody app to help track your progress

Your results will be printed and also saved in our system. You will also be able to keep track of them in the app.


Example of the printed report you will receive.

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