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Hormones Are Very Important for Your Health And Wellbeing!

Achieving Optimal Levels of Testosterone Can

  • Lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar
  • Improve and help you maintain energy
  • Improve your mood
  • Protect you from heart disease and cancer
  • Improve your well-being and quality of life

As You Get Older – Even in Your 40S, and Especially 50’s and Beyond, You May Start To:

  • Feel fatigued,
  • Lack interest in life,
  • Lose ambition
  • Feel a decline in libido and sexual performance

You may feel quite a tremendous loss in your sense of well-being. You’ve heard of menopause, right? Well, there IS something similar that men go through, and it has a name too –

Andropause. It’s REAL.

Men often find that their erections decline, sex is not as exciting, and their stamina and endurance has declined. Muscle definition disappears and is replaced with a flabby belly. If you are waking up without an erection, that is a clear sign of low testosterone. If you’re worrying about whether you will stay hard during sex, having weaker orgasms, but are afraid to admit it, you’re NOT ALONE. And Viagra is not the answer.

There is often a significant drop in testosterone in a man by age 50. The problem is, you may be told you are in the “normal” range and there’s nothing to be done. That may be the case for your total testosterone (unlikely). But what about Free Testosterone?

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Free vs Total Testosterone

Total testosterone levels are much higher than free levels. But, FREE testosterone is much more important. Think of total testosterone like money in the bank. It’s there, but you don’t always have immediate access to it. Free testosterone is like cash in your hand – you can use it right away at any time.

Free testosterone is the most important one, and that is the one that men lose as they age. But what if you get your free level tested and you’re still in the “normal” range?

Normal vs Optimal

A normal result for a man in his 20’s is different from a normal result for a man in his 60’s. It is “normal” for a 60-yr old man to have lower levels of testosterone than a 20-yr-old. Our goal for every man is to replace levels to an optimal range of a younger man. The research supports the fact that optimizing testosterone to a level that is higher for a man in his 20’s is more protective and helps men get their vitality back. All the medical studies use hormone dosages that result in higher levels that are similar to results of young adults. But the lab ranges report “normal” ranges for lower levels as you get older (40’s and above). Do you want to feel like you’re 70 or do you want to feel closer to how you did in your 20’s or 30’s?

How Do You Achieve Optimal Levels? Simple. Replace It!

We use natural, bioidentical hormones. Not synthetics. We also help you optimize DHEA, Thyroid, vitamin & nutrient levels, Gut Health, and anything else needed for you to feel your best.

Helping you to achieve an OPTIMAL level that is specific to YOU can help you to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. It really can be that simple.