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Vagus Baby!


85% of disease is caused by a dysregulation of one major system in your body!!

AND… there is something you can do about it that will not only lower your risk of disease but will also help to improve your stress response, and is relaxing and feels fantastic!

If you are like millions of others in this crazy world, you experience stress on a regular basis. Maybe you have always had a lot of stress and it has become “normal” for you. But how is this affecting your health? It can affect your autonomic nervous system, which controls your fight-or-flight response. This system regulates involuntary bodily functions such as heart rate, digestion, breathing rate, and many others. When you allow your body to remain in fight or flight mode – even though you are not literally fighting for your life – your body still perceives it as such and goes into survival mode. Digestion shuts down. Stress hormones are constantly being called out – which greatly disrupts other hormones. You end up feeling like you’re losing your mind and your gut is not happy. You may end up with IBS or even IBD, one of many inflammatory conditions possible. You may also have trouble regulating your emotions or certain triggers. This is where the Vagus nerve swoops in with it’s anti-inflammatory signals and tries to get your body back into the rest and digest mode. The vagus nerve sends messages to and from your brain, gut, heart, and lungs to help you deal with stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma. However, with an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system comes decreased vagal tone, which is pro-inflammatory!

So how do you INCREASE vagal tone? You book yourself a vagus nerve session with our massage therapist! This therapy is gentle, can be done fully clothed on its own or can be integrated into a full massage therapy session.

During a Vagus nerve session, we will gently hold places where the vagus nerve comes closest to the surface. In some areas there are actually holes in your bones where this occurs. She gently holds a light amount of tension at these points and is “listening” with her hands for the pulse of the nerve. Nerves were designed to move fluidly and rhythmically. When there is a block, the pulse can be out of rhythm, too fast, or even non existent. We will hold the point, until the pulse reaches an even, symmetrical beat and then break contact. You may feel sensations in random parts of your body or you may feel nothing at all. Your job is to breathe deeply and if you notice sensations in your body, pay attention to it. Don’t name it, judge it, or try to change it.

The full effect can take up to three days after a vagus nerve session and we will explain everything to you before your session and what to expect afterwards.

If you are ready to relax and improve your quality of life, book a session with us! Even if you’re not quite ready for a vagus nerve part, come on in for an amazing massage!

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