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Constipation could be connect to thyroid function

No two cases of constipation are precisely the same. There are many potential underlying issues that could be at play with constipation. 

Interestingly enough, one of those underlying issues is unmanaged hypothyroidism. 

The contractions that move food through our digestive tract (aka Intestinal motility) are dependent upon thyroid hormones and therefore proper thyroid function. 

A lack of sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone negatively affects the time it takes for food to move through all the processes necessary to breakdown, extract nutrients and send out waste for elimination. This process is called transit time. 

Transit times slow with low thyroid, leaving us with a much greater chance of bacterial and yeast overgrowths as well as imbalances in the gut microbiome which is home to trillions of organisms that affect our health and wellness.

Even if you eat extraordinarily healthy, if you deal with chronic constipation where you reach for caffeine, laxatives, or magnesium (or even enemas) to maintain regular bowel movements, you would want to get your thyroid checked by a thyroid expert. This means someone that will run all the right tests and develop science backed strategies to get your thyroid functioning as it should. 

If you are dealing with constipation, reach out so we can help you uncover the type of constipation you have and build a plan to help you move past constipation and avoid future digestive issues.

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