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The power of monthly reflections

If you’re in pursuit of achieving better health, you should be tracking – where you’re at, where you want to be and what’s standing in your way.

Setting aside time each month for personal reflection helps us determine some important things as we move through the process of change. Here are some reasons I use it personally and professionally:

1. Brings awareness to our present state. This can mean physically or mentally/emotionally, and all are equally important. What is currently going on with your health? Are you where you want to be?

2. What challenges have you encountered over the past month? What did you do to move past those challenges? This helps us see what we were up against and how strong we really are when need be.

3. Allows us an opportunity to analyze what we might have been able to do differently to stay aligned with our goal. This is not about judging yourself, this is about learning from experience – so that you can take that information and use it in future similar situations.

4. What areas of your life did you strengthen and cultivate? Yes, pat yourself on the back! Maybe you learned a new skill like yoga or you built new friendships or came up with new strategies to use moving forward. Whatever it is, celebrate it!

There are so many benefits to personal reflection not listed here but rest assured, it will bring awareness, understanding and transformation if you practice it monthly.

Below is a FREE template that I love to use for reflection and staying aligned with my health goals. Grab yours now!

Monthly Reflections

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